Confession (Tuesday?): Red

Gosh…. I’ve been a bad girl.  I must admit I’ve had a bit of a blogging dry spell over the last few weeks.  I just can’t seem to think of anything that I really wanted to post about.  Well, the dry spell ends today!
I’ve had such an obsession with red heads for so long – There is just something incredibly glamorous about a girl that can rock red locks.  I mean really, how gorgeous is Emma Stone?  I love.
Seriously?  A red lip, nude eyes… Bombshell.
I’ve tried to rock the red look, but I’ve always muted it down a lot.  I’m not one to shy away from changing my hair color, but… this would be SUCH a scary change!  Some day I would love, love to do it… This is probably the closest I’ve ever come…
Okay, so it’s dark brown with a tinge of red… baby steps!! Winking smile

My red hair obsession went a step further when I saw (drum roll……)
FLORENCE + THE MACHINE this weekend!!!  She blew my mind – I definitely have a girl crush on her… and I think everyone at her show fell in love with her as well.  She has the most amazing stage presence… she’s so graceful and dream-like – she literally floats around the stage. 
Please, if you guys have a chance to see her in concert – DO IT.  I’ll definitely be seeing her next time she’s in SoCal.
And, can I please have her wardrobe?
Have a lovely Tuesday!


rottrover said...

You could totally pull off that Emma Stone look. Just sayin'.... :-)

Lauren L said...

I looooove you auntie! Gosh... Isn't she just simply amazing?? Maybe someday soon?? ;)

Jacqlyn said...

The red lipstick is gorgeous. You rocked it! (:

Stacey Syverson said...

You can totally rock the red! Absolutely gorgeous. And jealous of your Florence and the Machine adventure! p.s. love the bestie shout out! so glad we could talk. although, i need more. always! xoxo

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