Is it the weekend yet?  I can hardly wait for my “day-off” to spend with hubby and quigs!  This week has been rough to say the least… stumbling in the door at the end of the day (which has been around midnight) to find hubby and pups sleeping and cuddled up in bed.  Tomorrow night is our family night in – Hopefully hubs cooks up something delish!  I think we may also make a trip out to Julian this weekend if I don’t have to work… Blah blah blah! Smile  A few more weeks… I can do this! 

Until then, I’m going to continue my countdowns for all of the upcoming events I have to look forward to… which includes…. drum roll… a new blog design that will be launched this weekend!  I’m so so so excited about it. 

Hubby and I took the pup to a green belt behind our house to take a few pictures for my new blog.  I love that he loves taking pictures as much as I do.  Here’s a sneak peek of one of the pictures he snapped of quigs and I:


I’ve been having so much fun learning about my DSLR – I can’t wait to spend more time learning about it once this busy season at work is over! Smile

I also still owe you all a blog post about my Disneyland trip.  I promise it will come this weekend.  Here’s a teaser:


Does it get any cuter?  I think not!

Happy Thursday everyone!


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