Yesterday after work I spent a couple hours shopping… I’ve been inspired lately by a lot of the blogs that I follow.  I’m always in awe of so many stylish chics that are able to pull off some incredible looks without any major impact to their bank accounts!  So I set off towards the mall with the goal in mind to come home with some major wallet friendly finds.
Friends, I hate to admit this… but I realized something about myself this weekend. I am the worst budget friendly shopper!  I think this is due to a few major issues I have with shopping at some of those budget friendly stores (i.e. H&M, F21, etc).  Here’s the issues I am facing:
1) Crowds.  I cannot stand them. (Enough said).
2) Chaos: It may just be the malls in San Diego… but, seriously?  These places have nothing going for them in the way of organization!  It gives me anxiety.
3) Quality: I’m a sucker for a staple piece that’s quality.  Sure, it may mean that I can’t buy in quantity… but I think I’d rather settle for quality.
So there you have it… I’ve finally admitted to myself that I’m a terrible budget friendly shopper.  I am completely in awe of all the women I follow on a daily basis who look incrediblely adorable and do it in a budget friendly way.  I know it might not be easy for me, but I’m going to keep trying!
So until then… I’m going to drool over these lust worthy pieces.  These are the type of items that truly make me happy:
Ted Baker
Here’s how I pulled together my look for my Sunday afternoon!  Check the new boots!  Also, I am proud to report my budget friendly sweater from Francesca’s!  Yay!
Lastly, how much do you love my new blog!!  Cute huh!


rottrover said...

Looking adorable, as always! LOVE that blue sweater!!


{ lauren } said...

LOVE the new blog design...beautiful! also, love your new boots! and i have such a hard time shopping in a store that's a mess...i can never find anything when it's all mixed together and i get too overwhelmed to look through it!

Stacey Syverson said...

that's my girl! but good effort! you look beautiful as always. x

Anonymous said...

I Love your photos. Especially the one of Emmie. Love, Dad

Ashley said...

New follower here :) i feel the same way you do about shopping. hate the crowds. hate the mess. BUT the outfit you have on is adorable!!!

Lauren L said...

Welcome Ashley! Crowds are the worst... I wish I could get past my anxiety with crowds for the sake of inexpensive fashion... i'm just not quite there yet :)

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