Confession Sunday: Color Pop!

I love, love, love the colored denim trend… but I’ve been having a tough time justifying spending a lot of money on jeans I won’t wear very often.  Well, I finally found the perfect compromise – I’m so proud of myself!  These babies were only $30!



BTW – I would have preferred to share the outfit in a portrait-like standing position…. unfortunately the photographer (hubby) didn’t realize that was my intent.  I ended up with a lot of pictures that look like this:


Which is great…..but, not so perfect for outfit sharing!  Looks like I might need to ask Santa for a tripod this Christmas!


rottrover said...

I'm surprised that you didn't get cute RED ones!!

Kelly said...

TOTES cute! You have a gorgeous tan! what do you use or do you layout in the frigid Decemeber temps? doubt it.

anyway I have a bull dog too! Laguna! although she's a miniature one which means somewhere down the line she has boston terrier in her and possibly a pug...she weighs 40 lbs instead of a typical 80....but your Quigs looks littler too...is he a mini ?

Lauren L said...

@Kelly - I kind of love you right now... the tan is non-existent. Completely my natural skin tone, and I honestly never see the sun! I'm always careful to wear spf even if I'm in the sun... can't have wrinkles!
Quigs definitely isn't a mini - We try to keep him around 55 lbs, but he would easily be 70+ if we let him eat anything he wanted! :-)

Meg {henninglove} said...

i love your pop of color!!

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