Confession Sunday: Color Pop!

I love, love, love the colored denim trend… but I’ve been having a tough time justifying spending a lot of money on jeans I won’t wear very often.  Well, I finally found the perfect compromise – I’m so proud of myself!  These babies were only $30!



BTW – I would have preferred to share the outfit in a portrait-like standing position…. unfortunately the photographer (hubby) didn’t realize that was my intent.  I ended up with a lot of pictures that look like this:


Which is great…..but, not so perfect for outfit sharing!  Looks like I might need to ask Santa for a tripod this Christmas!


High Five Friday!

Can’t believe it’s already that time of the week again – Time for my Top 5 items for the week!  Here we go!
1. Shellac: If you haven’t had a Shellac manicure yet, you’re missing out.  I’ve never been one to be able to commit to the maintenance of fake nails – but I love the clean and durable look.  Well, this is the perfect blend of durability and somewhat low maintenance!  Try it – you won’t regret it!
2. Black Friday (Online): I love online shopping – Coffee and the comfort of my couch… sure beats the crowds and hustle of shopping at the mall.
3. Wet Bulldogs: Enough said.
4. Red, Red, Red: Love the Christmas Season! (…as if I need another reason to wear red!) 
5. Kindle: I love my Kindle… so lightweight yet it stores all of my favorite books!  I’ve recently become obsessed with the fact that I can share books with other Kindle users (for free!)  Who wants to share??

Have a great weekend and make sure to check out Lauren’s blog (http://www.frommygreydeskblog.com/) for more High Fives!
If you want to join in on the High Five fun, link up with us!


Thanksgiving Funny

Happy Thanksgiving all!  I’m spending the day with the fam… relaxing, cooking and watching football.  Love it!  Thought I’d share with you a hilarious self portrait moment I had with Quigs the other day…. hope you think it’s as funny as I do!





Happy Thanksgiving!!!



Confession Sunday

This week’s confession: I’m a beauty-holic.  I’m fairly certain I spend most of my discretionary income on anything Sephora – skin care, makeup, brushes… I love it all.  That’s exactly why I was so excited to read about a monthly service that delivers 4-5 samples of beauty products to my door, for only $10/month!  I found service, Birchbox, while reading The Small Things blog.  I received my first package last weekend and I can’t wait to share it with you!  I plan to share each delivery, and then tell you exactly what I think of the product (good or bad!)


First of all, I’m a sucker for cute packaging.  How cute is this box?


The inside is even better!


Here are the goodies:

1. Befine Night Cream: lips1lips1lips1

This night crème is silky smooth, but not earth shattering.  I’ve been using it for the last week and haven’t noticed a lot of differences.  I will say I was slighly more moisturized in the morning.

2.  Alex and Isabelle Hair Ties lips1

Ooops… Okay, don’t judge – I thought these cute things were part of the packaging and I threw them away!  Ha!  Guess I won’t be able to report on these….

3.  Supersmile Toothpaste lips1lips1lips1lips1

This stuff is great!  A little weird because it specifically says not to get your toothbrush wet before you use it… but, I’ve already noticed a difference!  Definitely have to add this to my normal routine.

4.  Anatasia Mascara lips1

I questioned even giving this one kiss.  Terrrrrible.  Doesn’t even hold a light to my normal mascara (which you HAVE to try): MAC Opulash – Adds a ton of volume and stays put all day long… even during my 16-hour work days!

5.  Keratase Elixir lips1lips1lips1lips1

This is a miracle for hair – Add a little to your hair pre-blow dry for major manageability or add a dab after you blow dry for amazing smoothing powers.  Bonus: it smells great!!


Can’t wait for my next box to come!!


High Five Friday

I can’t believe I almost missed it!  It’s been one heck of a week…but the end is near!  Welcome to my new weekly post – High Five for Friday!  My favorite blogger, Lauren, over at From My Grey Desk and I thought it would be fun to share weekly posts of our top 5 favorite items – anything from beauty, lifestyle, pop culture… anything our hearts desire!  I’m so relieved I didn’t miss the deadline for our first High Five post – better late than never, right?? :-)

Make sure to check out Lauren’s blog also – She has all sorts of fun daily posts and adorable style!  I promise you won’t regret it!

So, without further delay… here’s my High Five for the week!


1. Frixion Pens (by Pilot): This is as nerdy as it gets… I apologize if you have little interest in office supplies, but I just couldn’t help myself.  I have such a passion for writing instruments and these babies are amazing.  They write as well as a normal pen and erase without leaving any marks behind!  Even better – they erase with friction leaving little to no erasure scraps behind.  I love these!!


2. Law & Order SVU:  This has been one of my favorite shows since it started.  I’m not sure what it is about this specific L&O series that I love.  I like to think it has something to do with Mariska Hargitay – She’s a kick ass female and I love it!


3. Ted Baker:  I pretty much die over anything Ted Baker.  It’s drool worthy, right?  This dress specifically seems the perfect addition to my closet, don’t cha think?

medium_Starbucks Skinny Latte

4. Venti Nonfat Latte:  I know it’s not very original, but 16 hour work days have me relying on my caffeine intake to get my through the day.  If you’re calorie conscious, try to the nonfat latte (only 170 calories) and add cinnamon.  Yum!!


5. Home Cooked Meal: Hubby is a great chef – he’s amazingly gifted on the grill!  There is nothing better than a home cooked meal after spending the last month eating every single meal at my computer.  This filet was especially delicious!  We love to add a little horseradish for a little kick!


That’s it for my first High Five Friday!  Don’t forget to check out Lauren’s blog (From My Grey Desk) for her top Fives!


Confession Sunday

Well – I have another confession to share with you guys… And, since I’m starting to notice a trend (aka I’m sharing a “confession” every Sunday), I think I’m going to make this a recurring post.  Kinda makes sense to have it on a Sunday anyway, huh?

This weeks confession is a fashion-related confession.  One word: FUR

You would have to be blind to miss that fur is so so so in right now.  Fur vests, fur coats, fur EVERYTHING.  Well, I’m kind of lusting over this craze… but, I’m scared.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid of taking risks in the name of fashion… but for some reason I can’t come to terms with actually buying anything with fur on it. 

How could I not though??  I mean, look at these drool worthy items!




fur vest 1

Rachel Zoe knows how to rock it!

Maybe I’ll have to face my fears and try on a furry little number today! Smile


Happiness is. . .


…an oversized sweater, a glass of wine and an oversized couch to sink into. 


Happy Saturday!  I’m off to work!  I wanted to leave you with a hilarious video to get your day off to a good start.  Shout out to my hubby for finding it!  I promise you’ll laugh out loud!



Me this week:

Hope you're all looking forward to the weekend!  I'm looking forward to Friday... my first night off work before midnight!  Then I have a full weekend of work to look forward to!  I think I deserve a shopping extravaganza for all of this hard work :-)



Yesterday after work I spent a couple hours shopping… I’ve been inspired lately by a lot of the blogs that I follow.  I’m always in awe of so many stylish chics that are able to pull off some incredible looks without any major impact to their bank accounts!  So I set off towards the mall with the goal in mind to come home with some major wallet friendly finds.
Friends, I hate to admit this… but I realized something about myself this weekend. I am the worst budget friendly shopper!  I think this is due to a few major issues I have with shopping at some of those budget friendly stores (i.e. H&M, F21, etc).  Here’s the issues I am facing:
1) Crowds.  I cannot stand them. (Enough said).
2) Chaos: It may just be the malls in San Diego… but, seriously?  These places have nothing going for them in the way of organization!  It gives me anxiety.
3) Quality: I’m a sucker for a staple piece that’s quality.  Sure, it may mean that I can’t buy in quantity… but I think I’d rather settle for quality.
So there you have it… I’ve finally admitted to myself that I’m a terrible budget friendly shopper.  I am completely in awe of all the women I follow on a daily basis who look incrediblely adorable and do it in a budget friendly way.  I know it might not be easy for me, but I’m going to keep trying!
So until then… I’m going to drool over these lust worthy pieces.  These are the type of items that truly make me happy:
Ted Baker
Here’s how I pulled together my look for my Sunday afternoon!  Check the new boots!  Also, I am proud to report my budget friendly sweater from Francesca’s!  Yay!
Lastly, how much do you love my new blog!!  Cute huh!



Is it the weekend yet?  I can hardly wait for my “day-off” to spend with hubby and quigs!  This week has been rough to say the least… stumbling in the door at the end of the day (which has been around midnight) to find hubby and pups sleeping and cuddled up in bed.  Tomorrow night is our family night in – Hopefully hubs cooks up something delish!  I think we may also make a trip out to Julian this weekend if I don’t have to work… Blah blah blah! Smile  A few more weeks… I can do this! 

Until then, I’m going to continue my countdowns for all of the upcoming events I have to look forward to… which includes…. drum roll… a new blog design that will be launched this weekend!  I’m so so so excited about it. 

Hubby and I took the pup to a green belt behind our house to take a few pictures for my new blog.  I love that he loves taking pictures as much as I do.  Here’s a sneak peek of one of the pictures he snapped of quigs and I:


I’ve been having so much fun learning about my DSLR – I can’t wait to spend more time learning about it once this busy season at work is over! Smile

I also still owe you all a blog post about my Disneyland trip.  I promise it will come this weekend.  Here’s a teaser:


Does it get any cuter?  I think not!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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