Still Going !

My work week is still going… I just wanted to send a quick post into the blog world and then it’s off to the races (as they say)!  Here’s my jam packed plan for the day:

1) Get out of my jammies and try to look presentable

2) Make a quick stop over at Staples (this statement deserves a blog post of it’s own… )

3) Drive to Client X’s office and work work work!

4) Come home around 5 and head up to a friend’s house for BBQ, UFC and good times!

Also, I’m trying to take tomorrow off (probably won’t happen), but regardless I’m going to post a reallllllly cute blog about my recent trip to Disneyland.  Can’t wait!

For now, here’s a little mental image of what I’ll be doing today:

Spring 2009 044_edited-1

Unfortunately, no pups allowed at my current place of employment… but boy was this fun Smile

Happy Saturday!


rottrover said...

You would get SO much more done if Quigs was able to come with!! Enjoy your friends tonight!!

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