I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect cocktail dress for my upcoming work holiday party… I think I may have found it.  The price tag is, well… less than perfect – BUT, maybe I could also wear it on NYE and then I wouldn’t feel as guilty?

What do you think??  I die every time I see it! 



I think I have to have it.  Hubby won’t be able to say no once he sees me in it (or so I hope!)  Ha!


rottrover said...

It's fantastic. It reminds me of a wedding dress I saw once... But yes, I think you need that addition to your wardrobe. Just sayin'.

llevine151 said...

I definitely have a style I like, don't I? :-)

{lauren} said...

love it! it belongs in your closet! :)

Stacey Syverson said...

That dress is so you! You will look amazing in it, especially that sexy back with the draping! NYE!!!!

Lauren L said...

Moment of truth today ladies... The day I go try on THE dress :-) Wish me luck!

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