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I recently purchased my first “big girl” camera – a Canon Rebel T1i.  It’s seriously fun… but incredibly intimidating!  I like to think that photography is in my genes… My dad is a professional photographer and he’s amazingly talented.  Funny thing is, I didn’t realize how much “technical-know-how” there is with this camera!  My dad always made it look so easy!
I’ve purchased the Canon for Dummies book which has been helping me learn about my new toy.  My husband has also been incrediblely supportive with my excitement over this new adventure! 
This is so fun!  It’s giving us an excuse to get outside and truly enjoy nature!  I mean, I live in Southern California, so I can’t really complain…  We took a quick trip over to the Coast.. a grueling 3 mile road trip!  Here’s a few pics I snapped (ignore the amateur-ness):
To top off the wonderful day we caught a BEE-A-U-TIFUL sunset after Church!  Hubby and I went on a really fun adventure as we RACED to catch the sunset... We kept pulling over at random stops along the Pacific Hwy trying to find the best photo worthy location.  We ended up at a private little beach spot - it was perfect!  I mean really, does it get any better than this?
This whole “blogging” thing is fun!!


rottrover said...

WOO HOO!! You did it!! Beautiful sunsets!! You just can't beat SD. You DID get a big girl camera!!

Have fun! I'm following you!

Gizmo's mom :-)

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